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Welcome to Buck Ridge Soap Company located on Buck Ridge Mountain in Springfield, Arkansas!


The answer is yes, you can use beard oil and beard balm together to keep your beard in tip top shape. However, they each address different needs. So you can choose one or the other or both for specific situations.  . First and foremost, beard oil is a conditioner that moisturizes and reduces the common problem of an itchy face. Beard oil is your best ally to prevent skin from becoming irritated and flaky. Flaky skin may sound like a minor problem...
We have a new product! A boxed set that is just for the holidays, the box looks like wood and contains 3 bars of holiday scented soaps, Northern Forest (fir needle scent), Frankincense and Myrrh, and Peppermint Leaf. Three great holiday scents, all bundled up together in a lovely gift box ready to give to a loved one or friend!  The price is great too! 3 bars bought separately would cost $26.85 but in the gift box you only pay...
I've got a new soap, beard balm and beard oil scent coming just in time for the holidays! Sweet Bourbon which is a blend of sandalwood essential oil with a natural bourbon fragrance oil. It has a subtle and sweet scent and not overly strong. I think customers are going to really enjoy this one!  It should be ready to order by the Black Friday holiday week.