10 things you can do with soap besides take a bath.

10 things you can do with soap besides take a bath - Buck Talk Blog

Did you know there are whole articles all over the internet about how you can use a bar of soap for more than just taking a bath? We went looking for them and found a whole bunch of advice. One had over 37 tips but we picked a top 10.

Here are some of our 10 favorite tips:

  1. Use a bar of soap to hide holes - Soap could be just the trick to filling those unsightly holes left by hung pictures and mirrors. Rub a bar of similarly-colored soap into the hole to fill it out.
  2. Make sewing easier using soap - Some fabrics can be tough to work with, even with a sharp needle. If you're struggling, rub the end of the needle over a dry bar of soap. It will act as lubrication and make the needle pass through the fabric easier.
  3. Fix that squeaky floorboard or door – Got a floorboard that always squeaks? Fix it using soap! Rub soap around the edge of the floorboard in question to silence it once and for all. Works on door hinges too, just rub on the hinge and it should keep your door from sounding like you’re entering a haunted house all the time.
  4. Zipper stuck? - A stuck zipper is frustrating but you can fix it with a bar of soap. Just rub a dry bar of soap along the zipper and it should provide enough lubrication to release it.
  5. Stinky shoes? - If your shoes are starting to smell, try using a bar of soap to freshen them up. Simply wrap a bar of soap in a paper towel, place inside those stinkers and leave overnight. It should help remove that foot funk.
  6. Keep stored clothing fresh – If your clothes smell musty even if clean and stored in a dresser for a few months when they are out of season you can use a bar of soap to keep them smelling good. Just pop a bar of soap into a piece of fabric, put a rubber band around it and stick in the drawer.
  7. DIY helper - If you are having trouble with getting a screw into thick lumber or when trying to put together flat pack furniture rub the screw on a bar of soap well to get it to drive in easier.
  8. Prevent leg cramps - If you often get leg cramps at night, try placing a bar of dry soap between your bed sheets. People swear by this one.
  9. Camp cooking tip – If you are cooking over a campfire using a cast iron pot or pan, the bottom of the pot will often get covered in soot, which can be tough to clean. Before you place the pot over the campfire, rub the outside with a bar of soap. The slippery soap will make it much easier for you to clean the pot after you finish dinner.
  10. Prevent garden pests - Insect invasion in your garden? Make a quick insect repellent by mixing a grated bar of soap with warm water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle, and then spritz it on the underside of the plants’ leaves. The bugs will be repelled by the smell of the soap. Mint, lavender or our Camper’s Friend soap is a really good one for this.
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