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We don't rebatch here at Buck Ridge Soap Company but we do sell our end pieces and scrap soaps if home crafters want to rebatch. 

Here are instructions on how to do this, it is labor intensive and the bars look more rustic than our bars but sometimes that is part of the fun! 

Step 1: Grate the soap. 

Step 2: Melt the soap back down using a double boiler or crockpot. We don't recommend microwaving. 

Step 3: Stir. It will take a while for it to start to melt so just keep moving it around. You don't want to scorch it so until it starts to liquefy some you'll just want to keep it moving especially in a crock pot. You can stir in about 20 minute intervals. 

Step 4: Keep an eye on things, you will notice more of it becoming very gel like. Keep stirring every 20 minutes. 

Step 5: Not really a step but if the soap starts to look a little dry, add a little water just a tablespoon at a time or less. Stir. 

Step 6: Wait for another 20 minutes and stir thoroughly.

Step 7: Add fragrance and stir if you want to add fragrance most of our soaps are scented in our scrap bags but once it reheats it will likely lose those scents so you are free to add your own fragrance oils or essential oils. Remember to use a hot process fragrance calculator like this one to calculate the correct amount to add. If you use the entire 1 pound bag then you'll want to calculate for 16 ounces of hot process. Example 16 ounces of hot process peppermint scented soap using peppermint essential oil would take .80 ounces of peppermint essential oil - the best way to measure is weigh your essential oils as it is hard to figure out 1.62 tablespoons. 

Step 8: Get your mold, and start to fill it with the soap. Remember to tap your mold as you fill to reduce any bubbles that may be trapped in your soap. You can use a silicone spatula to push the soap into the mold if it is very thick. 

Step 9: Continue filling your mold and tapping it until all of the soap is out of the crock pot and into your mold.

Step 10: Now we wait. The soap will need to cure for 12 hours or so in the mold. Once the time elapses, remove the soap from the molds and slice. Hot process, rebatch and melt and pour soaps are ready immediately whereas cold process has to cure for up to 6 weeks. 

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