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The answer is yes, you can use beard oil and beard balm together to keep your beard in tip top shape. However, they each address different needs. So you can choose one or the other or both for specific situations. 
First and foremost, beard oil is a conditioner that moisturizes and reduces the common problem of an itchy face. Beard oil is your best ally to prevent skin from becoming irritated and flaky. Flaky skin may sound like a minor problem to some but problems arise when flaky skin becomes extra itchy, clogs pores, stops beard growth, and even causes painful ingrown hairs.
Buck Ridge Soap Company offers a range of beard oils made from a blend of natural oils that soften, give a touch of freshness to your beard and to make it more manageable. These natural oils are absorbed much better and more intensely than beard balms making them a 'faster fix' or daily use option. 

In a nutshell, beard oil does a few things:

    1. Controls itching and flaking
    2. Prevents irritation
    3. Helps beard grow faster and more evenly 


On the other hand, the beard balm is a hybrid conditioner and particularly good for styling your beard and mustache. Think of it as an ointment or even leave in conditioner for your beard hair. Like beard oil, beard balm contains a mixture of natural oils, with the addition of beeswax and natural butters like shea and cocoa.
Beard balm does a few things:


    1. Tames rebellious hairs in your beard and mustache while training them to grow properly. 
    2. Hydrates while sealing moisture on the beard and face, protecting it from external factors such as dirt, dust, etc.
    3. Helps beard grow faster and moisturizes the skin under your beard


Beard balm also brings a touch of healthy shine, so it is appropriate for special occasions when you need your beard to be presentable. The beeswax in beard balm is also great if you have a mustache that you want to style into a handlebar mustache or other interesting shape. 

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