How to use body lotion for long-lasting moisture

How to use body lotion for long-lasting moisture

Buck Ridge Soap Company makes a variety of body lotions and it might seem a no brainer how to properly use lotion but there are ways to make it work better.

Here are a few tips:

Always use body lotion on clean skin because using it on sweaty or uncleaned skin may affect the absorption power and lead to clogged pores.

Using body lotion after a bath or shower is always best because your skin will more easily absorb into the skin and helps to seal and protects it as well.

If you exfoliate before using body lotion the lotion is absorbed by the active skin and not dead skin.

Make sure your hands are clean and dry first, then start by applying a quarter size amount to your hands and rub together to warm the lotion. Rub in using gentle circular motions until it is completely absorbed into skin. Repeat as needed to moisturize your whole body.

Wait a few minutes before dressing to allow it to fully absorb.
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