Junk Free Natural Soap

Junk Free Soap by Buck Ridge Soap Company

Junk Free Soap

I like to think our soap is just that, junk free. I like to think Buck Ridge soap is just that, junk free. It isn't loaded with chemicals. It is paraben free, non-gmo, chemical free and sulfate free. Our soaps are strictly made with lots of moisturizing natural oils, coconut, palm, safflower, sunflower and olive for example and essential oils- we do offer a few made with natural fragrances like Bacon Crack to get that exact scent since there is no such thing as a bacon essential oil. 

We strive to make sure that what you put on your body is as healthy as what you put into it though. Maybe in some folks even healthier! I personally suffer from psoriasis and it's an itchy and painful skin issue but ever since I started with my own soaps while I'm not cured, my psoriasis is doing much better. I've had customers and even our retailers tell me that Buck Ridge Soap helps them with their skin conditions too. That always makes me happy to hear because I know personally how uncomfortable skin conditions are.

Our soaps are made a single batch at a time and yes, sometimes it might take you a few extra days to get a bar if we still have a batch curing before we can send it out...you know you are getting fresh, handmade product each and every time.

Commercially made soaps like the big brands you find in big box stores and chain stores are not really even soap anymore. Most can be classified as a detergent rather than a soap. They dry the skin and are loaded with chemicals. Buck Ridge doesn't use ingredients like that. It makes our soap cost more per bar than commercial soaps  you can get 2 for a $1 but your skin will thank you for not slathering on the junk when you buck that funk with Buck Ridge. ;P See what I did there? . 

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