New Products Coming for Holiday Season – Page 1 – Buck Ridge Soap
Welcome to Buck Ridge Soap Company located on Buck Ridge Mountain in Springfield, Arkansas!

We are always coming up with new products to add to our catalog of Buck Ridge Soap Company line. The newest ones that will be coming before the holiday shopping season picks up in November are:

  • Beard Balms - these will come in 2 ounce metal tins and the scents will match our beard oils scents
  • New Beard Oil Scents - we are experimenting with new scent combinations to come soon
  • Lotions - creamy body lotions scented with our premium essential oils and fragrance oils
  • Lip Balms - these will be available soon and make great stocking stuffers especially for the winter months when your lips get chapped!
  • Chemical free insect repellent spray - we know it isn't the season for it but we're adding it anyway because in the south...we still have bugs even in winter sometimes!
  • Guest size soap bars which will retail for $3 each with free shipping - this way you can easily check out what soaps you want to try out without having to commit to a full size bar purchase. These little 1.75 ounce bars are the perfect size to test out and see if you like a scent. 
  • $1 tester bars which are around .75 ounce each will also be available for purchase in the coming months


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