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Welcome to Buck Ridge Soap Company located on Buck Ridge Mountain in Springfield, Arkansas!

If you read my blog, you know that 2018 ended on an extremely sour note with the death of my husband who was the inspiration for Buck Ridge Soap. Despite that horrible life event at far too young an age (46), I want (and need) to continue to grow Buck Ridge and to do that I have some plans for this year for new products and a new production facility! 


So I have the following upcoming:

  • New production facility
  • Aromatherapy Soy Candles
  • Beard Oil Samplers
  • New Beard Oil and Balm Scents
  • All natural insect spray


At the end of February I will be having a new building built for Buck Ridge Soap to operate out of. It will be a 280 square foot building where I can dedicate 100% of the space to soap making. The building will be able to house all of my curing soaps as well as all of my other products with a better shipping station. This will allow me to be more organized and have room to grow the product lines. 


Speaking of growing product lines, I have had requests for aromatherapy candles that I've mentioned before. After Scott's death I put a hold on introducing new products though during my period of mourning but now I need to refocus and continue growing. So hopefully in March we will start making 100% soy wax candle tins with wooden wicks with scents to match many of our soaps, beard oils/balms and lotions. 


Buck Ridge will also be adding 1 dram beard oil samplers so that men with beards can test out our wonderful beard oils without having to commit to purchasing an entire 2 ounce bottle. 


Also this year I'll also be adding a few new beard oils and balm scents as well, I have 4 or 5 planned. One will be unscented for those who are sensitive to scents. The others will be all natural essential oil based blends. 


Still playing with the names but so far I think the following names will fit the scent blends well Forest Spice, Simple Man (unscented), Roman Soldier, Mercenary and Woodsman. 


This Spring I'll also be introducing a new all natural DEET FREE insect repellent spray that smells much like our Camper's Friend soapThis spray has no chemicals and is safe for the whole family. 


So I have plenty of things on the horizon for Buck Ridge Soap Company and I hope you join me along the way and the growing pains don't hurt too much! 

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