Smelling Good is More Important Than You Think

Smelling Good is More Important Than You Think

The sense of smell was once thought unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but recent studies have shown that the olfactory sense is more important than we could have ever imagined. The sense of smell has important interconnections with memory, language plus sexual attraction particularly for women. Women, according to science have a stronger sense of smell (by about 50%) than men do and a man smelling good is attractive to women. So those commercials where the women flock to the men wearing certain cologne might seem corny there is a touch of truth there too.

So, it makes sense for a man who wants to attract a female partner would want to smell as good as possible. But overly strong smells can also turn a woman off as well.

Soaps scented with essential oils and natural ingredients like ours here at Buck Ridge Soap Company, are just the right balance of great scent but not overpowering. Bathing with our soap and even washing your hair with it will not only moisturize your skin, feel much better than commercial shampoos and ‘soaps’ but it’ll make you smell really good!

Some of our scents that are a little more powerful, but very attractive to women we’ve found are Oatmeal Spice, Hunter’s Moon, Mountain Man, Fresh Out the Wash, Wide Open Range and Mornin’ Joe. These are favorites chosen by women who’ve tested/smelled all our soaps via our wholesale sampler we use for sales presentations. So, if you want to smell good for your wife or girl friend or are looking for that perfect gal…our soaps may be just what you need!

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