Why soap made for men?

Why soap made for men?

Why soap made for men?

The owners of this store are women but we have husbands and we listen to them!

My husband doesn't mind my handmade soaps for me with flower petals in them and all that cutesy stuff but he sure doesn't want to wash himself in them. I had one particularly colorful soap that he called 'unicorn poop' though he didn't say it quite so nicely. He said he didn't want to wash himself with my 'rainbow unicorn poop that smells like a flower garden'. I can't blame him. He's a man, he works in a warehouse and certainly doesn't want to go to work smelling like gardenias. 

So, myself and a friend who makes soap got to talking...her husband who is a truck driver felt similarly to my own. They hunt, fish, camp, go hiking and we've been making some soaps that fit that niche but decided to expand a bit to a line exclusively for men.  

Now we have over 30 soaps that are geared toward men and women too who don't like floral scents or prefer unscented soaps. We also have fun soaps like coffee scent, root beer, citrus beer, firewood, bacon and more. Scents that a man enjoys without being too over the top. 

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