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Welcome to Buck Ridge Soap Company located on Buck Ridge Mountain in Springfield, Arkansas!

About Us

Lovely spring view of the fields around our farm on Buck Ridge. It may be rural but it's beautiful. 

Buck Ridge Mountain is located in the tiny community of Springfield, Arkansas. We tend to say that if you are driving north on Highway 92, if you blink you'll miss the town. It is that small.Population is around 1200. Yes, twelve hundred not thousand. We don't even have high speed internet, thankfully cell phones provide internet service via mobile hot spot and satellite internet is available yet pricey. It enables folks here to work online or work from home. 

We have a post office, a few churches, a gas station/convenience store, a shooting range, a Masons lodge, a fire department, a dairy and that is about it. It is the farthest from high tech, it is rural, most people are farmers or drive long distance to work. One of the owners of Buck Ridge Soap drove to work in Little Rock over an hour away for more than 20 years. 

So there aren't a lot of jobs in the area that aren't farm related. In fact, even Buck Ridge Soap is farm related since we do grow a few of our own ingredients and the goat milk is local for the goat milk soaps! 

We started making soaps for everyone, particularly women because face it, they do buy the most bath and body products but the men in our lives are country bred men and prefer not to use any flowery or heavy cologne scents. Plus rainbow soaps and glittery soaps were a bit hard for them to stomach in the shower.

So we started making "manly soaps" and we feature them a lot throughout the site, we aren't leaving the women behind of course but men's skin can be just as much in need (if not more) of all natural soaps and beard oils.

Parents of children with allergies or sensitive skin are also important to us, many soap makers don't offer very many unadulterated soaps unscented/uncolored but we do have several varieties for those who just need something for sensitive skins.

Every one of our soaps is made in the USA, they are made by hand, hand poured and hand cut. No factories, no machinery, just old fashioned soap making. 

Some of our soaps are vegan friendly, some are organic and all are all natural. 

The beard oils and balms, bath salts and body oils are also made in USA, right here in Arkansas.

We retail our soaps at Smith Family Pharmacy in Conway, AR located on Dave Ward Drive in the Bannister Lieblong Clinc complex. 

Buck Ridge also sells wholesale to other companies and businesses and private label and/or dropship. If you'd like to become part of the Buck Ridge retail or wholesale family, contact us for details.