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Welcome to Buck Ridge Soap Company located on Buck Ridge Mountain in Springfield, Arkansas!

Wholesale and Dropshipping

Retailers interested in wholesale or dropshipping our soaps have a few choices with Buck Ridge Soap, you can choose to resell our soaps with our labels or you can choose private labeling options or you can do old fashioned wholesale where we send you 'naked' soaps that are ready for your label, wrap or box that you do yourself. 


Each has different pricing. See below:


  • Dropshipping standard - $4.50 a bar. Shipping is $3.50 for the first 1 to 2 bars 3 bars or more we generally ship Priority Mail that starts at $7.25. Every order includes a free sample bar and a hand written thank you card to your customer.  . There is a one time $25 Buck Ridge License Fee to set up your account. 


  • Private Label dropshipping  -  $250 set up, $4.50 per bar. The set up fee covers the additional overhead for us to set up your labeling and unique branding. Remember each bar type gets a different label design and we will design and print it for you. That is part of the deposit. Shipping is the same as regular dropshipping rates. 


  • Wholesale our brands $3.75 per bar minimum order is 3 sets of 4 bars example: coffee 4 bars, aloe 4 bars and unscented 4 bars plus shipping is additional. Shipping example up to 80 bars costs $20 to ship.


  • Wholesale Naked Product - $3 per bar, you wrap and label yourself same minimums and shipping rates. No labeling and no wrappers.


  • Wholesale Private Label - your own brand $250 set up fee we handle the packaging for you and send you the retail ready product with bar codes for putting in stores or on Amazon etc. $3.75 per bar. The set up fee covers the additional overhead for us. Remember each bar type gets a different label design and we will design and print it for you. That is part of the deposit. Same minimums and shipping fees.   


Dropship customers can send us flyers, business cards or other inserts and we'll put them in the package for you.



Turnkey Retail Websites


If you are an online retailer or want to be, and wish to have a Shopify e-commerce site, we can provide you with a site, fully stocked with our product or even your private label products for $1500 for your private label products. (WE CREATE UNIQUE IMAGES FOR EACH BRAND NEW PRODUCT WITH YOUR LABELS.)  


Additional Products are Available


Contact our sales department for more information, price lists and details on how to get started. 




Email sales@buckridgesoap.com if you have questions or comments.